Melbourne Premiere of Mystic India IMAX Theatre, Carlton Gardens

Wednesday 11 October, 2006, Melbourne, Australia

The IMAX Theatre at Museum Victoria Precinct in Melbourne, Australia came to life with the sights and sounds of India during the Melbourne Premiere of 'Mystic India' on Wednesday 11 October, 2006.

This was the second Mystic India Premiere to take place in Australia this year. In February, the film was launched in Sydney with a stunning Premiere and a consequent eight-month run that captivated an audience of more than 31,000.

The Premiere of Mystic India was attended by an enthusiastic audience of more than 365.

The evening started with a warm welcome by the children of BAPS dressed in traditional costumes. They showered rose petals and tied a friendship thread (nadachhadi) on the wrists of guests as they eagerly walked in. There was a display of Indian arts, crafts and musical instruments. Also, a table on Yoga and Meditation showed how capable ancient India was in the fields of surgery and Ayurveds. The table on Indian Rites and Rituals featured a fascinating array of exhibits used daily by Indians for rituals and worship.

Kunal Patel welcomed the guests and thanked the sponsors, Red Energy, on behalf of BAPS. Mr. Sitesh Bhojani then spoke about the message of Mystic India. The Chief Guest of the evening was Mr. Creagh O’Connor, Chairman, Cricket Australia. He said in his speech, “The newspapers we read and the news bulletins that we watch continually remind us of the things that divide this world. I love sport for what it does to bring the world together and I commend BAPS for bringing us all together tonight and presenting this film as a way of celebrating harmony and unity.”

Having watched the 45-minute film, everyone left with a feeling of wonder and amazement at India’s beautiful sites and sounds.


“Fantastic film. It shows what India has to offer. Tells a fantastic story about a child yogi which we can all relate to in some way. Fantastic experience. The film has a valuable message for everyone, great for families and great for Australia. I give it 10 out of 10.”

Richard Morrison
Manager, IMAX Theatre, Melbourne

“Magnificent film. Well presented and technically very high quality. It portrays the message very appropriately. It also conveyed the diversity of India. 10 out of 10.”

Shabbir Wahid
President, FIAV

“It is a stunning film and a fantastic use of the IMAX format. I loved every frame of the film – the large screen with depth of feel, the beautiful clarity for a subject such as India and particularly the temples, the landscapes and the story. It works so well. I think it’s going to run extremely well in our IMAX cinema which we are very proud of and we are delighted to work with BAPS to bring it to a very diverse public here in Victoria. The film’s theme is about understanding, about tolerance, living together in peace and that is something that the museum promotes. We are delighted to be a part of this film. What’s remarkable is that the film ranges so widely across India with fabulous landscapes and buildings. The central story of the young Swami and his travels holds it all together as a great film.”

Patrick Greene
CEO, Museum Victoria

“A magnificent journey. The involvement of volunteers in creating the spectacular film is something very special. It’s a story of peace and harmony which we are all striving to focus on in a humble way. I believe it is an important story for everyone to see and possibly more than once. I want to study more about India and understand the culture and the depth of history. I was inspired. 10 out of 10.”

Ian Graham
CEO, Red Energy

“The film showcased the grandeur and majesty of India. It also underlined the power of the spiritual and mystical side of the country. It is an inspirational story which shows the power of the inner soul.”

Allen Fels
Dean, Australian and New Zealand Government School

“It was a spectacular movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, to see such a spectacle on a big screen, in particular, really enhances the visual delight. It was an absolute visual treat to watch such a journey. It felt like you were on the trip as well. It raised one’s eyes to have mankind live in harmony together and how the spiritual existence is something that everyone searches for. That in itself is enough to bring everyone together.”

Jeffery Copolov
Interior Architect & Director, Bates Smart