Seamless music of a timeless culture, Mystic India's score is a beautiful blend of Indian classical and Western orchestra; an intricate fusion of a solo sitar and a concert of 40 violins, where the gentleness of the veena matches the grandeur of the trombone! The music is based on original Indian ragas which penetrate the heart and gradually grow into grand themes that envelope the audience in a deeply moving experience.

Whether it is the thematic free-floating flute representing Neelkanth or the furious rhythm of the river on tablas; the aalaaps that linger long after the film ends or the creative modern rendition of the age-old aarti - Mystic India's music is one glorious journey crafted by over 150 instruments; through time, through culture, through moods, into one's mind and soul.

Combining the East and the West in perfect harmony, composers Sam Cardon (Emmy winner, 9 large format films - including "Mysteries of Egypt", "Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure") and Pandit Ronu Majumdar (renowned Flutist and Composer) have designed the music with traditional and technical assistance from the BAPS team.

No. Track Name Duration
1 Alone in the Himalayas 4.35
2 Poetry in Stone 3.23
3 Nowhere to Somewhere 0.43
4 First Footprints 1.31
5 Rising Resolution 2.50
6 Night of 1792 2.19
7 Inner Light 3.20
8 Only One India 3.25
9 Cosmic Connection 1.17
10 Incredible India 1.50
11 Lamps afloat the Holy Ganges 1.20
12 Birth to Rebirth 1.52
13 Beyond Fear 2.03
14 One Billion Faces 1.26
15 Breeze of Reverence 1.00
16 Aum in the Wilderness 0.52
17 Eastern Indian Chants 0.30
18 Soundscapes of Rathyatra 1.45
19 Colorful Holi 1.42
20 Expressions of Inner Joy 1.22
21 Sunrise in Rameshwaram 2.07
22 Southern Indian Chants 0.38
23 South to West 2.07
24 Dawn of 1799 1.46
25 Selflessness 1.36
26 World is One Family 2.36