Royal World Charity Premiere of 'Mystic India'

Tuesday, 7 June 2005, Science Museum, London

Following months of preparation culminating in excess of one million man hours of volunteerism, a dazzling Royal World Charity Premiere of Mystic India was marked with the arrival of Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall on the evening of 7 June at The Science Museum, London. The event was co-hosted by the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone and BAPS Care International.

A host of celebrities including Rowan Atkinson, Raghav, Preeya Kalidas and former High Commissioner for India Dr L.M. Singhvi joined a collection of representatives from international embassies, business magnates and senior politicians for the premiere in South Kensington. A high-profile audience provided the ideal compliment to the fantastic large format movie.

The gates of the museum were draped with beautiful flowers, attracting a large crowd in anticipation of the arrival of His Royal Highness and the Duchess. The paparazzi of photographers captured images of the traditional garlanding of the royal party, before customary threads of friendship were tied to their wrists.

The Science Museum was transformed into an exhibition of Indian culture and art with various artefacts, dances, musicians and craftsmen creating an authentic atmosphere, providing an ideal prelude to the film. Over 50 young children from different nations across the globe assembled together waving flags from their respective countries and were dressed in their national attire as a symbol of such unity. Guests were guided through the presentations and were offered a selection of Indian sweets and snacks after the film to compliment their cultural experience, marvelling at the breathtaking decorations.

The premiere raised funds for the Bhartiya Yuva Shakti Trust (BYST), a charity founded by The Prince of Wales to enable the business community to promote youth entrepreneurship. Sizeable pledges were donated by a variety of guests in a generous show of support. An overwhelming response of delight illustrated the success of the production, providing an inspiring portrayal and unique experience of India, as guests expressed a desire to visit the country following the film.

His Royal Highness praised the efforts of B.A.P.S. volunteers and expressed his delight at the film during his public address of the evening, discussing the spectacular areas of India he wishes to visit: “Of course what it does emphasise is how remarkable India is. Before long, I hope I should be able to take my wife to the various parts of India I haven’t managed to see yet.” Touched by the values portrayed by the film, HRH emphasised the importance of the tradition and timeless wisdom and knowledge of India, “Please don’t let the world lose that, because it is the balance between modernity and tradition, and the ancient wisdom which actually is going to ensure the survival of all of us, and our grandchildren, and those who come later.”


“A remarkable achievement with a message to the world – IMAX says it loud and clear. Excellent.”

Mr. Mark Hendriksen
Publisher and Partner at 'b3creative'

“Absolutely inspiring and amazing. A truly moving experience that makes me so proud to be an Indian.”

Mr. Mayank B Patel
Chairman of Currencies Direct Ltd.

“A truly exhilarating experience of unity, peace and tranquillity. May the message spread around the globe. BRAVO!”

Mr. Neeraj Nayer
Chairman FAB Awards

“Very interesting film and a brilliant way to show India both pictorially as well as culturally.”

Mr. Brendan Fitzmaurice
Managing Director WHSmith News

“Mystic India is both breathtaking, indeed highly informative and instructive, geared towards peace and security of our planet earth. It is thus a must viewing by the whole world.”

His Excellency Hassan Omar Gumbo Kibelloh
High Commissioner for The United Republic of Tanzania

“This is stunning, gripping opening up vistas of the incredible richness of India, to the world. India is a model for the world of unity in diversity.”

Rev. Alfred Agius
Representative to Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor (Head, Roman Catholic Church, UK)