Mystic India Premiere in Jakarta, Indonesia

17 June, 2007, The Keong Emas IMAX Theater

The Keong Emas IMAX Theater at Taman Mini came alive with the sights and sounds of India. Ibu Megawati Soekarnoputri, the former President of Indonesia was the Chief Guest of the Mystic India Premiere.

Upon hearing that Mystic India was to be premiered in Indonesia, Ibu Megawati showed a keen interest and she personally invited many of the guests including Ambassadors from 31 countries, Members of Parliament, prominent local business people and close friends.

In all, more than 720 guests were greeted in traditional Indian and Indonesian styles. VIP guests were treated to a pre-show reception and were welcomed by the sounds of classical Indian music.

At precisely 5:00pm, Shri Deepak Samtani, who was the MC for the evening, welcomed the audience. He was followed by Shri Suraj Trivedi welcoming the guests on behalf of BAPS, the producers of Mystic India. Next, Mr. Pramono Agoo, chairman of the opposition, addressed the audience and at the same time lauded the efforts of BAPS in creating such a fascinating movie. .Finally, the film began.

The guests were amazed by Neelkanth‘s true story of friendship , faith and fearlessness. Neelkanth’s story created a profound impression on the guests, with many wishing to know more about his life, his work and his message.

After the film, guests were treated to Indian vegetarian snacks and refreshments. Many commented on the film’s message of ‘unity in diversity.’

Shri Mircubhai, Shri Deepakbhai, Shri Laveshbhai, Shri Nalinbhai, Shri Harubhai, and Shri Shirishbhai. Mystic India was brought to Indonesia because of the cultural similarities between Indonesia and India. Mystic India will be screened for 6 months in the Bahasa Indonesia language. It is slated as one of the most interesting and eagerly awaited films to be screened in Indonesia


“It was a very interesting film because it shows how beautiful India is, and how different people can work together to achieve a goal. The film has inspired me just like the first time I saw it in New Delhi. Please convey my warmest regards to your spiritual guru”

Ibu Megawati Soekarnoputri
The former President of Indonesia

“Mystic India has helped me realize the importance that spirituality plays in the lives of people all over India. It is of utmost importance that we as citizens of the world learn to grow spiritually in one way or another for the betterment of all mankind”

Mr Harry Darsono
Ph.d., Fashion Museum owner and popular fashion designer

“India is the mother of all cultures. She reaches out as a home to various people all over the world. India serves as a beacon of hope in a world that is plagued by violence and mistrust”

Prajna Murdaya
Major importer of sports goods

“It touches me to see such a large amount of diversity in a land such as India. The beautiful colours and festivals have touched me in a deeper way that words cannot express”

Mrs Nevtia Hatta
Minister for Women’s Welfare

“There has always been a strong connection in history between India and Indonesia. We have great similarities in culture. This film has brought me closer to India and I will highly recommend this to all that I meet”

Murdaya Widywimarta
Member of Parliament

“I would recommend this film to anyone. We have a lot to learn from the life and journey of Neelkanth. I am simply amazed at everything India has to offer through this fascinating film”

Mr Peter Elliot
President and Chief Corporate Officer, Citibank Indonesia

29 Ambassadors of different countries at the premiere

Algeria, Austria, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bosnia & Herze, Croatia, Cuba, Cambodia, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Mexico, Morroco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Palestine, Peru, Poland, Suriname, Sudsn, Somalia, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, Timor Leste, Zimambwe.