Theatre Testimonials

“The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is looking forward to presenting Mystic India as our ‘A’ film this fall. We feel the Denver market will enjoy the film’s message and beauty.”

Peggy Day, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, USA

“The Reuben H. Fleet Science Centre is looking forward to opening Mystic India this fall. The film is a visual stunner that reveals a story few Westeners are familiar with. Surveys show that the title is appealing and our audiences gave the film high marks during local test testings.”

Wendy Grant, Reuben H. Fleet Science Centre, San Diego, USA

“We are very excited to be launching Mystic India at La Geode in Paris later this year. This beautiful and engaging film won the Public Choice Award at our annual Film Festival earlier this year and we are hopeful that the strong attendance trend will continue where it left off.”

Nelly Duval, La Geode, Paris, France

“Since Mystic India opened at the Science Museum in London, it has had an average occupancy of 56% with most weekend shows selling out! Our normal average is 32% so we are extremely pleased with sales to date.

It has had the biggest opening for any 2D film ever, including DMR. Audience reactions have been 100% positive with many writing reviews on our website praising the film. It has also opened the Museum and IMAX Cinemas’ doors to a new and enthusiastic audience.”

Alex Page, Museum of Science, London, UK

“Mystic India’s underlying message of unity in diversity lends itself very well in Singapore’s multi-racial context. Our science, humanities and social studies educators previewed the film and we receieved very positive feedback from them about its educational value.”

Dr. Chew Taun Chiong, Singapore Science Centre, Singapore